Thursday, September 25, 2008

a fun visit

We were so excited to have a visit from some friends we made when we lived in Provo, but haven't seen in years. Sarah and Jason and their three kids came by on their way home from a family vacation. They have twin boys that are two years older than ours and it was fun to get all the twins together. I have to say that Sarah was an inspiration to me when my boys were tiny and taking care of them was hard. More than once I asked her advice, knowing how well she was raising her twin boys. I almost gave up nursing my boys at one point because it was too painful, but I remembered that Sarah had nursed her twins for a full year, and I was inspired to to do the same. (And I'm so glad that I did.)
It was fun to talk about having twin boys, and about their new addition, a baby girl. It was so fun to see (and hold) baby Audrey. Our boys had a great time together, and we all decided that we are going to have to get together again real soon.

Two sets of twin boys
Me and Sarah
Jason and Baby Audrey. Look at her sweet smile!

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Sarah H said...

Ashli and Bart,
It was so great to see you guys! I really enjoyed our visit. I love your new home! Your boys are so adorable.
Thanks so much for inviting us! We hope you guys can visit us someday.