Tuesday, September 9, 2008

what we are doing

Of all the hard things that come with having little ones like night feedings, temper tantrums, vomit, runny noses, stains, and getting no sleep, this is the one thing I have been dreading the most from the very beginning, and still am. Please, please wish us luck.


The Mac's said...

I am so impressed with your cute potty charts:)

Sarah H said...

Good, good good luck!!
How old are the boys again? Mine weren't potty trained until they were 3 and 2 months. I had tried off and on for several months. My mother in law helped a lot when they were at her house. But then one day we spent the whole day working on it (I based it off a book called "Toilet training in less than a day"
and it did work! Of course, was it a day or was it the months I spent before hand?
Anywho, I would recommend it if you're interested.
Best of luck!

Meg said...

GOOD LUCK indeed, we are on the tail end with Owen and having stopped and started a few times, here is my two cents, stock up on disinfecting wipes, and underwear, put up anything you don't want pee'd on and then take the diapers away and never look back!

Jessica said...

Wow. Good luck on that. We are trying. Last night was our first attempt with Big Girl Panties but they got soaked about 90 minutes after putting them on. I think we'll go buy some pull ups. Love the charts, I think I need that too.

Scott, Rachel, & Mason Murray said...

My sister-in-law just went through this with her 3-year-old boy. Someone told her to let him run around naked because he wouldn't pee or poop on the floor so he would use the toilet....bad advice. He both peed and pooped on the floor without any hesitation. But I could have told you that without trying it. Good luck!!

Whitney said...

Those chairs are seriously adorable. Have I ever told you about the book "Toliet Training in Less Than a Day"? I used this method with both of my boys and it worked so well. Having said that, I only had to train one at a time. :) My hat goes off to you, Ashl1!!