Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day, so some of the staff in the adjoining office at Bart's clinic dressed as pirates, and wanted the boys to come in and see them. So, I put on their bandannas and drew on some mustaches and joined the party. It was fun for them to get pirate tattoos, pirate treasure, and show everyone their pirate faces and say, "Aaarrg, matey!"
Ever since we knew Bart was eventually going to be a PA, I've dreamt of him working in a clinic where I could bring our kids, get to know the staff while visiting Bart at work. If he worked in a large hospital or in a small clinic, this would not be the case. But, we are really blessed for Bart to have such a great job in such a great environment. It sounds like everyone has fun at work together, and Bart likes working with everyone there.
Check out the hook and parrot that the staff let Ky wear. The green pencil in his hand is his "sword." He wouldn't let us leave the house until he had a pirate sword. When I told him that we didn't have any swords, but that he could just pretend, he said tearfully, "But this isn't a sword, it's just my hand." So, I found some unsharpened pencils and he was as content as could be.
Kade was thrilled about the chocolate pirate treasures!


Stacy Summers said...
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Stacy Summers said...

Can they get any cuter! And I think you're a great mom! Glad you had some time alone. We all need that here and there. My dad would tell me, "If you can't cure it with a bubble bath or a nap then it's not in your hands." I had many a bubble baths and naps when my girls were super little.