Monday, November 10, 2008

bunnies and leaves

Last week the boys and I went to play with their Aunt Sadie. Sadie showed them the new baby bunnies (there are 9!). The boys loved them. They would smile at them, and didn't like when they would hop away. They were so soft and adorable!
Then, Sadie raked the leaves into a pile and the boys jumped right in. It was their first time playing the leaves and it was so fun to watch.

Here are six of the nine bunnies. Aren't they cute?

Kade and three bunnies

Ky demonstrating improper baby bunny holding technique, but look at that smile!

Covered in leaves

When they got tired of jumping in the leaves, they decided to bury Sadie in them.

Then, it turned into a leaf-throwing fight. We all had a blast!


Heidi said...

These pictures just made me smile...they are so cute!!

Sarah H said...

Oh I love bunnies. I had a pet bunny for 6 years of my childhood. So cute.
The boys jumping in leaves is so perfect!

Jeremy and Janessa said...

How fun! I love the fall! I have been wanting a picture of Kayla playing in the leaves but we don't have leaves in Vegas! I'm super jealous. Cute bunnies; the boys look so happy.

Meg said...

I love the motion in the last shot!

Stacy Summers said...

Such happy boys!!!! Love those bunnies!