Tuesday, November 25, 2008

first snow!

Kade and Ky were so excited to wake up to snow on the ground yesterday. They have been waiting for snow for months now and it finally arrived. From the second they knew there was snow on the ground, they asked every few minutes if they could go play in it. I told them we had to eat breakfast and get dressed first, and we couldn't go fast enough.
Once we began putting on all our snow gear, it took a good half hour before we were ready to go out.
All dressed up and ready to go. I've never seen them so bundled up before.
Once outside, they immediately started throwing snow at me. They tromped around in it, and less than ten minutes after we got out there, they were begging to go back inside because "this snow is cold." There was no way I was going to spend 30 minutes getting snow gear on for ten minutes outside. So, I convinced them to help me make a snowman, play follow the leader, and try out their new red shovels. Still, every five minutes or so they asked to go inside complaining of being cold. I knew there as no way they were that cold, because I knew how many layers they were wearing. So, I didn't feel too bad making them stay out for a total of 25 minutes.
My poor little Florida babies!

At least they look like they were having a good time!

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