Monday, November 17, 2008

thanks giving

Thanks to Bart for taking a day off of work and taking me to Chicago for the weekend.
Thanks to Bart's family for watching Kade and Ky so we could escape for a few days.
Thanks to the temple workers at the Chicago temple for holding the session for us since the bad traffic made us a few minutes late.
No thanks to Googlemaps who gave us two bogus addresses for Giordano's pizza near our hotel, and caused us to drive around for an hour only to find no Giordano's.
Thanks to Bart for taking me to Red Robin instead.
Thanks to Bart for the new bracelet, nail polish and shirt we found at the mall.
Thanks to the Hyatt Place hotel for having a huge TV with HD so Bart could stay up late watching things blow up in high definition.
Thanks to Ikea for being across the street from our hotel, for having thousands of amazing things to look at, some to buy and some to wonder what they were.
Also, thanks to Ikea for the shopping cart escalators. I've never seen anything so cool!
Thanks to Bart for taking me back to the mall and for the birthday present that I will pretend to be so surprised about in a few weeks.
Thanks to Giordano's for the yummy pizza we had for lunch Saturday afternoon (or was it dinner? What do you call it when it's 3:30 in the afternoon?)
Thanks to the Florida Gators for the entertaining first half we got to watch while we waited for our Chicago style stuffed pizza to cook.
Thanks to Kade and Ky for being good while we were gone, and for being so excited to see us when we got back.
Thanks to Bart for marrying me 5 1/2 years ago and for being such an amazing husband. What a fun date!


Emily said...

Um, yeah thanks for not telling us you were in Chicago........totally kidding. Seriously, next time though. We need to meet up.....

Jodee Luke said...

Don't you just LOVE that pizza??? We really need to get together sometime. Where do you guys live again?

Debbie said...

A weekend without the kids...sounds nice! That was a cute way to post. (i love Ikea too).

Sarah H said...

Fun weekend!
Mmmmmm...Giordanos....what kind of pizza did you get?
Come visit us sometime when you have a longer time in Chicago.
Glad you got to go to the temple.