Friday, July 24, 2009

never mind--moving on

So, after posting my last entry two days ago, not a single person jumped at the chance to get something from me. (It's a little embarrassing.) That means that a) no one really reads this blog, b) you were all scared at what homemade gift I would send, or c) this has been going on so long that no one wants to participate again. For my self esteem I'm going to assume it's option c.
So, let's just call the whole thing off, and move on with some fun fair pictures!

Wednesday night we went to see some of Bart's family at the county fair. His dad and his sister are both really involved every year (which by default means his mom is too!). So, we came to see their animals and have a fun evening together.Sadie showed the boys the bunnies she had entered in the fair, and Kade wanted to pet one. We got to eat some fair food while we there and of course followed it up with some fair treats. Yum! Bart and the boys shared this enormous snow cone. Look at Ky eyeing it. Too funny! I had to pick the least healthy treat at the fair: deep fried Snickers. It was delish!
It was fun to see Bart's family, including our nephew Cooper--who clapped a lot--so cute!
But the very best part of the fair were these little baby ducklings.
They were only two days old and sooooo soft. I seriously could have watched them for hours. It made me want to bring one home along with a baby chick, Chandler and Joey style! The boys loved petting the ducklings too and have asked several times when we can go back to the fair to see them.
As we were walking out of the fair, we noticed that they were holding a pig catching event in the grandstand so we decided to check it out. Teams of three people would wade though thick mud, chasing a pig, trying to pick it up and put it in a barrel. I have to say that I thought it was the weirdest form of entertainment I have ever seen. Plus, who decides that they want to tromp through thick mud, knowing you are going to get completely covered in mud (etc.), trying to pick up a heavy, stinky pig, and let everyone watch you. I don't get it. But I did take a picture of a team that did it very fast. Do you think they practice for this sort of thing?
Kade was super sad when we said it was time to leave, and in true Kade fashion, let us know how he felt.


Meg said...

Sorry Ash! To be honest I did somehow totally miss that the last one. Anyway, love the colors on the farris wheel picture!

Emily said...

Actually, for me it was d) I am too lazy to make a craft for someone else and didn't want to obligate myself. Sorry.....haha.... I love the pics! I bet a gift from you would be awesome since everything you make is adorable. Kevin says we'll be seeing you in Utah? Cool!

John, Carrie, Grant, and Swampy said...

I agree with Em. I always read your blog and I love handmade stuff, but I HATE making handmade stuff myself and then having to go to the post office (the worst place in the world) to mail it.

Your boys area cute as usual!!

Jessica said...

I was going to comment on how embarrased I am that I still owe you a craft from when I did this, but I didn't want that to oblige me to do another one. After all, it's pretty clear how pathetic I am with follow through!

Looks like the fair was fun!

Shirlee A said...

I inspect you blog every day or two, Love it. It's the closest we can be to see you and the boys grow. Please keep it up--it's great. We'll see you all in Utah! YAHHHHHH!
Love ya, Gram

Sarah H said...

Sorry, I'm not too crafty (food is my craft).
Anywho, your pictures are so good. Do you have a new camera? The boys are adorable.
You guys are both talented people.

The Murray Family said...

I just got your comment about coming to Utah. First of all we would love to get together and see you and your boys. Second, if you are serious about wanting to take some pictures I will definitely take you up on your offer. I'll try to track down your number, but if you get this first give me a call 801-691-0986.

The Shane Gang said...

You need to be a professional photographer! You are great at taking pictures! Sure looks like great times!

becca said...

That is funny (referring to the "Pay it Forward" post) b/c the same thing happened to me at first. I'm thinking people are just lazy. Looks like you have plenty of readers ;)

Hope things are going well. Your boys are seriously adorable.

Heidi said...

Seriously - you have some amazing photography skills my dear - your pictures just take my breath away!! YOU are the best and it was such a treat for me to get to know you while in Gainesville!! Love those little boys of yours!!