Thursday, July 9, 2009


As I looked through my picture folders I realized that I've missed posting some fun things we have done and some cute pictures from the past month or so. So, these are not in chronological order with the rest of my posts, but here they are:

This spring one rainy day, the boys and I went to splash in the puddles. This big puddle was their favorite and since it got muddy quickly, they thought it was fun to jump in the "chocolate milk." Several months ago I bought some finger paints for the boys to try. I finally got brave enough to let them use them a few weeks ago. They used it all up in one sitting, and made a much smaller mess than I expected.
A few weeks ago, we took a nice walk along the river. The light was so great that evening, and I was able to take some great pictures.

A few weeks ago, our ward sponsored a 5K and kids' run. The boys still talk about this race last January, so we knew they would want to race again this year. The boys ran the entire 1/2 mile kids' run and had a great time. They thought they won because they got a Popsicle at the end.

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Whitney said...

SO so cute. Honestly, your blog makes me wanna have twins :)