Wednesday, July 15, 2009

congratulations to my honey!

I want to say congratulations to my sweet hubby today. First, because this video that he made of our boys has now been viewed on YouTube over 10,000 times!! If you missed it the first time we posted about it, be sure to check it out. Or, if you saw it already but you want to be reminded of how talented Bart is and how cute our boys are, check it out again!

Next I want to give Bart a big "way to go" because last week he reached his one year mark working as a physician assistant. The practice he works for likes him so much they've decided to keep him! Thanks Bart for all your hard work. I'm sure you really do know what you are talking about when you try to explain all that medical mumbo-jumbo to me!
On his one year "work-iversary" the boys and I made these candy noses, mouths and ears (get it --ENT) and took them to share with the people that Bart works with. The peanut butter and chocolate ears and noses were the best.


Meg said...

you both crack me up! Congrats Bart!

Jodee Luke said...

too cute! how did you make those?