Friday, December 4, 2009

florida trip: day six

Friday we went up to Gainesville for the day. It felt like it had been a really long time since we had lived there, but it was so fun to visit. We went to campus and ran around inside the stadium. The boys are such huge Gator fans, they were in heaven.

We may or may not have let them run for a touchdown on the field

Later that evening, we went to see our friends, the Whites, who were kind enough to let us stay there that night. It was so good to see them and meet their baby. We had a great time catching up, eating a delicious dinner with them and some other friends, the Lowrys, and relaxing. The boys had a great time with Hunter, and loved his little four-wheeler, even after Ky drove it under the trampoline, clothes-lining himself on the side. Thanks Steve and Alicia for making us feel so welcome! We had a blast!

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