Tuesday, December 15, 2009

random pics

I've gotten so behind on my blog. Between my old computer crashing, our trip to Florida followed by a great visit from my mom, and trying to get ready for Christmas, I just haven't had enough time. So, here's a bunch of random pictures from the past several months to let you know what's been going on around here.

October was a very rainy month, and I just kept putting off taking the boys to a pumpkin patch in hopes that we would finally have a dry day. A few days before Halloween, I decided to take the boys even if it was rainy. So, the boys and I went with grandma Denni, Great Grandma Dot, Great Grandpa Bob, and Sadie to look for pumpkins. The problem was, by that time, and with all the rain, all the pumpkins were mushy and rotten. So we picked some apples instead, and bought pumpkins somewhere else.

A few days after we got back from Florida, my mom came for a visit. It was so nice to have her here. The boys love playing with her, and all the extra attention. I loved having another female in the house, and having someone to go see the New Moon midnight showing with. (Loved it by the way!) We miss her already!

My mom always has puppets to play with and the boys know it. They love playing puppets with grandma!
While she was here, we all went to the holiday parade here in town. It was only pleasantly cold, not ridiculously freezing like last year, and we all had a great time!

We took my mom to the train museum while she was here and had a fun day!
My mom stayed through Thanksgiving, and it was such a treat to have her here. She made all the best Thanksgiving food, and helped so much that day. Plus, it was nice for her and Bart's family to see each other.
While Bret and Charise were here for Thanksgiving, we decided to do a photo shoot of my nephew, Cooper, who just turned one. Here are some of my favorites!

The first snowstorm we got here brought 13 inches of snow. Bart and the boys had fun playing in it. There was so much that the piles along the side of the driveway from shoveling were big enough for the boys to sled on. They thought that was the best!

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