Tuesday, December 15, 2009

visit with santa!

This year the boys have been so excited to see Santa. They even made their own wish lists, complete with drawings. Ky asked for a Swim To Me Puppy (this is what happens when they see network television on Saturday morning, and the commercials must be awesome!), and Gator Golf. Kade wants a football passing game, and Gator Golf.


Andrea said...

Your blog is so cute, and your boys are even cuter! I cannot believe how big they have gotten. I can't believe it! I am an occasional blogger. You can check it out at: andreaasamazingadventures.blogspot.com. My parents got your Christmas letter today-props to you for braving it in Wisonsin! I am good with a Vegas winter of 60!

Greta K. said...

Cute picture!! :) I love it that they brought their own lists!!