Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th of july utah style!

When planning our trip to Utah, I decided to stay out there extra long so that I could be there for the 4th of July, because no one does it better than Utah County! And I was so glad we stayed because we had a great holiday (or three days of holiday since the 4th fell on Sunday). Saturday night Ky, Kade, my mom, and I went to the Stadium of Fire. Carrie Underwood was the main performer, and she did such a good job. The boys thought it was so cool that they were at their first concert!
I know it's hard to tell, but I promise that that small speck is Carrie Underwood. It was such a great show!
Once it got dark, my mom gave the boys several of these glow sticks to hook together to form a necklace. They both noticed a little boy behind us who was eyeing their glow sticks, so they each gave him one. I was so proud of my boys for sharing with a complete stranger.
A group shot of everyone waiting for the parade to start Monday morning. Thanks again Andrew for staying up all night to get us such a great spot.

We left Utah the day after the parade, and though we were sad to leave our friends and family there, we were glad to be back home and be with Bart again.
Some of the other fun things we did in Utah that I either don't have pictures for, or just don't feel like devoting a whole post to include:
~ Going to the midnight premiere of Eclipse with my mom
~ Taking the boys to the zoo
~ Swimming a lot
~ Going to Pirate Island (like a pirate themed Chuck E. Cheese)
~ Seeing some of my friends from high school
~Seeing an old college roommate
~Seeing all my grandparents, and a few aunts, uncles, and cousins (but not enough of them. Maybe someday we'll have a reunion or something so I can see everyone.)
~ Eating at Cafe Rio (twice)
I'm sure there are lots more, but that's all I can remember, now that I've been home for almost a month!

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