Tuesday, August 24, 2010

swim lessons

A few weeks ago the boys finished their first series of swimming lessons. I was nervous about them because I had only one day of swimming lessons when I was little, and it was seriously a traumatic experience, so even though I knew it wouldn't be that bad for the boys, I still felt a little bit of anxiety. Kade and Ky however, just thought it was the funnest thing. I think it was the first day, they were playing ring-around-the-rosies and they were supposed to dunk their heads under at the end. The first time they hesitated, but the second time they both went completely under. After that, the teacher couldn't get them to stop dunking themselves. They were bobbing up and down constantly, even when they were supposed to be listening to the teacher.
They took everything very seriously and got very good at floating and swimming on their backs. I think we will have to make sure they do swimming lessons again next year!

This last picture is a "I know you are freezing, but I want a picture of you on the side of the pool so I can blog about your swimming lessons" picture.
Also, notice their tattoos on their chest. Since their swim trunks are the same, and I couldn't put them in different colored shirts, I gave them each a different tattoo so that their teachers could tell them apart. But even still, she mostly just called them "boys." Oh well, what can you do?

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The Murray Family said...

I'm so glad they had a good experience. It seems kids either love swim lessons or are completely traumatized by them. Good thinking on the tattos.