Monday, August 2, 2010

more utah fun!

While we were in Utah, Bart and I went on a little getaway to Park City for a night. It was so much fun to go shopping, eat outside on Main Street and be with my hubby with no kids. We also stopped at the Olympic Park where Bart did some skiing (hee, hee).

I became an Olympic bobsledder...

And we watch the ski jumpers practice. I've seen this a couple of times before, even watched it in person during the 2002 Olympics, but it still amazes me that these athletes even attempt this. It's crazy!
We also took a ride down the Alpine Slide. It was such a gorgeous day that it was almost as much fun to ride up the ski lift as it was to come down the slide.
A different day, we took the boys to a little festival called Strawberry Days. It was hot and super crowded, but the boys had fun going on a few rides and sharing some yummy snow cones.
One evening, Bart, the boys, my mom, and I went mini golfing. I think the boys were better when they were younger, actually, but we all had fun anyway. The four of us all got one hole-in-one. I wish I could have video taped the boys' reactions when they got their hole-in-ones. They were both super excited!

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