Tuesday, April 3, 2012

five months!

Krewbee is five months old!  I feel like his physical growth slowed down this month, but he has learned new tricks, and his personality is really beginning to shine!  He giggles a lot, he rolls over, he entertains himself with baby toys (mostly by putting them in his mouth and slobbering all over them), and he babbles quite a bit.  We are so happy to have him in our family and we have loved these past 5 months!

He was such a happy boy during this month's photo shoot that I got a bit carried away, so pardon the picture overload-I just couldn't narrow them down any more than this!

 The above picture is my favorite!! I love his little smile, and he reminds me a ton of my baby pictures!  He is definitely mommy's baby.

 I think he looks like a little cherub in the above photo.  He has the round cheeks, the little curls at the ends of his hair, all he needs are some wings :)

 Getting a little smooch from Daddy!

This next series of pictures show what happens when you try to get a baby who can't sit up by himself really well to sit up for his photo shoot.
 Daddy trying to balance him (I love the look on his face-not really sure what's happening)
 Hurry and snap the picture before...
 he tips over! 
 We tried it again and got a few more cute sitting up shots.  It's going to be so fun to see how well he's doing at this for next month's photo shoot!

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