Wednesday, April 18, 2012

krew rolls!

A few weeks ago, Krew wasn't rolling at all.  He just didn't seem interested.  He rolled a few times, randomly, but days apart and then nothing.  In fact, the first 4 times he rolled over, I missed it!  I couldn't believe it, I mean I am with him all the time, and I missed his first 4 rolls!  The fourth roll was the best.  I put him down on his back, turned around to get his toy box out of the cabinet, and when I turned back around, three seconds later, he was already on his tummy!  From that point on, he hasn't stopped rolling.  He pretty much went from no rolling to rolling all over the floor.  If I look away for half a minute, he'll be clear on the other side of the room!  I had to get a video of my little steamroller!
He also makes some pretty cute sounds in the video if lots of rolling isn't enough to get you to watch!

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Ashley said...

Oh Ashli, he is absolutely one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen!!! Seriously, I can't stand it!