Wednesday, May 1, 2013


My baby Krew turned 18 months old on Sunday!  I cannot believe how fast that time has gone.  This age is one of my favorites!  He's still little enough to be my baby, and old enough to be learning new things every day, trying new things on his own, and really letting his personality shine!
He has been sleeping better since his surgery, but not perfect. In the past two weeks he's only had two nights where he yells for 2-3 hours.  That's a huge improvement over the past several months, so I'll take it!

He is such a smart little guy!  He can name and point out colors and gets them right about 75% of the time. He points out stars, ovals, X's and O's.  He still LOVES to count!  He knows how to spell his name!  He can't say K (in fact, he can't say it ever, so he is Doo, Kade is Day, and Ky is Dy), but if I say, "K" he will follow will "R-E-W!"   This last week he learned how/got tall enough to open all the doors in the house!  Which means he can help himself to a snack in the pantry, fall  scoot down the stairs, and go out into the garage!  In fact, this morning he went out into the garage 7 times in one hour!  Time for some safety locks!
He loves to push chairs around in the kitchen so that he can reach everything in the drawers and on the counters.  Yesterday it was dumping a cup of water from the counter onto himself, dumping a large container of paper clips from the drawer all over the floor, and finding my lipstick in the drawer and sicking his cute little finger all the way through it!  Nothing is safe anymore!!
He still loves Mickey Mouse more than any other character/toy/show/app.  And he still calls him, "Bow" (like what you do on stage after a great performance, not what you wear in your hair).
Since the snow finally melted a couple of weeks ago, he has discovered the joy of being outside, and that is where he wants to be 24/7.  He loves looking for birds, sticks, dirt, grass, and running around with his brothers!
He's either looking at something interesting outside, or planning some way to escape so that he can go out there and play!
We love you Krew and feel so lucky to have you in our family!

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