Thursday, May 9, 2013

rewind/catchup-snow fun!

It finally warmed up here!  We've been enjoying seventy degree weather the past week or so.  But, this winter/spring was a tough/long/cold/snowy one.  It really started to wear on us.  But, we did manage to have some fun in the snow.  These pictures are of one such day, back in February.

The boys asked me if it was okay to eat the snow.  (What little kids ask?)  I said yes.  Ky tried a bit...
And Kade just went for it--face first.

Krew stayed warm (and shirt-free) inside.  I call this collection, "How many faces can a little guy make in one minute?"  Go.

And we'll end with my favorite one.  Can you believe I get to look at those big, beautiful, blue eyes every day?  And you don't.  Poor things.

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