Friday, May 24, 2013

slacklining and biking

If you come by our house on a warm day, you might find us doing one of our two favorite new activities: slacklining and riding two-wheelers (with no training wheels)!  Several weeks ago, I mentioned to Bart that I thought it would be fun to get a slackline and learn as a family.  To my surprise, he immediately loved the idea, and we began the task of figuring out a way to set one up in our backyard without any trees to hook it to.  Well, Bart is a genius and the plan he came up with is great!  So, for the past couple of weeks, we've been setting it up whenever we have a free, warm evening and learning!  I've been surprised by a couple of things: first, how dang hard it is, and second, how we've all been able to slowly improve.  It's so much fun, and I love learning it together as a family.  
 These pictures are from the boys' first time on the line, and shows our crude set-up.  The buckets have since been replaced by awesome A-frames that Bart built that work tons better!

 Even Krew loves it.  He frequently looks out the window and points to where the slackline gets set up, and says, "Slack!"  He loves bouncing on it!  And just think how good he'll be when he's older, seeing that he started slacklining at 18 months!
 The other new thing that the boys have been doing is riding their bikes with no training wheels!  We took them off on Tuesday and they did so good for their first time!  They were both definitely quite nervous at first, but by the end of the evening were so happy, so excited, and so proud of themselves!  Of course the past few days have been rainy and quite chilly, so they haven't been back out there, but they'll have all summer to ride around!
 (Okay, I have no idea why the shadow/camera did that, but doesn't it look like Ky's leg is gray, or purple?  I promise it's really just normal color in real life!)
 Go Ky! Go!
 Go Kade! Go!


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