Thursday, May 9, 2013

random photo catch-up

Sometimes I look back at my photos and I see some that are super cute, but that don't merit an entire post on their own.  So, here are some of those cute pictures all mushed together for your enjoyment!
 Each year, the grocery store puts on a little Easter activity for the kids.  One of the stations includes pictures with the Easter bunny.  Krew lasted exactly as long as it took for me to take this picture before he started crying.
 He does look cute with his bunny ears, don't ya think?

 Since the twins have lots of character toys, Krew has learned the names of lots of super heros, cartoon characters, Pixar characters, etc. really early.  And he loves Spiderman!  This costume is a tad too big, and he liked wearing it for about 90 seconds, but he loves to look at this picture of himself!

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