Thursday, October 9, 2014

bringing everly home

Tuesday, September 16th Everly was finally discharged from the hospital!
First, she had to wear her first headband.  So cute!
Now, with a cute colorful background.  Look how orange she is!  And this is how she looked when she was well enough to come home.  When her bilirubin was really high, the folds of her neck looked like they had been colored on with a yellow highlighter, the jaundice was that bad.

Before we took her home, we had to change her into her "going home outfit" that daddy bought for her.
Everly was finally home!!!
 Of course she spent that day being doted on by her brothers, who hadn't been able to see her for over a week!

And mommy had fun dressing her up in cute clothes and hair accessories.  I'm going to like having a girl! 

 A few days later, we took our first photo as a family of six!
 And took our first car ride as a family of six too!  We are so happy that she is here and home!

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Bridget said...

She is so so so so beautiful!