Monday, October 6, 2014

love at first sight

After a night of holding and feeding my delicious new baby, and trying to get a few hours of sleep, the morning came much to quickly.  Mornings at the hospital always start much too early, with nurses and doctors coming in, cafeteria workers delivering breakfast, and various other people coming in and out.  But that morning also meant that I was going to see my 3 favorite little people meet my new favorite tiny person.  I cannot even describe how excited I was for this moment!  
Bart's mom brought the boys up to meet Everly around 10:30 that morning.  They were all smiles as they walked in, and Krew came right up to me to see her.  When I asked who I was holding, he said, "It's Baby Boots!"  Then, right away he asked if he could give her the present they had brought.  The first thing he gave her was his puppy.  The same puppy that for several months this summer, he took everywhere he went.  All on his own, he decided he wanted to bring it to his new baby sister.  The boys had also picked out a little Minnie Mouse for her.

I love Kade's face in the above picture.  They were all so happy to meet the baby sister that they had waited so long for!
This has to be one of the best pictures ever!  Krew loves his sister!  He got to hold her several times that morning, and when he did, he would stroke her hair with his cheek and say how much he loved her.  It was so precious!

The proud daddy finally got his little princess!
See?  Krew loves her!

Ky took a turn holding her as well
I love the look on Ky's face here, and the connection that he and I shared as he held his sister for the first time.  

Kade's turn!
The first time I saw this picture of Kade and I, I cried.  I love how this picture captured a moment of bonding, not only between Kade and his new baby sister, but between he and I, as we welcomed this little girl into our family.  

Grandma Denni's turn!

Being together, our whole family in that hospital room that morning, was magical.  Honestly, having that time together, meeting Everly, and sharing the excitement of her arrival together, helped us make it through the next eight days.
Love her dark hair and her perfect little dimples, don't you?

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