Thursday, October 9, 2014

nicu photo shoot

I like to take newborn photos within the first week after birth.  I also like to take new baby hospital pictures in the room with the nice big windows for great lighting.  Well, we didn't get to take many photos in our hospital room before they put Everly under the bili lights, and ultimately took her to the NICU.  And since she was still there a week later, we missed some prime newborn fancy photo shoot time.  I treasure the perfectly posed pictures I have of Krew with Bart and I, both at the hospital and at home.  These pictures of us with Everly are not perfectly posed with perfect lighting, but somehow I think I might just treasure these photos more.  These pictures were taken on Monday, September 15 when she was one week old, the day she finally started doing well, and we finally started thinking that we might get to take her home soon!

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