Thursday, October 30, 2014

what we did the rest of september

Once we finally got Everly home from the NICU, we spent the rest of September basking in sleepy, warm, newborn cuddles.  I made sure I caught up on all the baby snuggles I missed while she was in the hospital, and took full advantage of the excuse that I was too busy taking care of the newborn to cook or clean (or shower) or do laundry--and it was blissful!
My mom came for a week to do all the tasks I just mentioned, and to entertain the boys non-stop.

She fit in some baby-snuggling of her own too!
She takes such good care of us when she visits, and the days always go by too quickly, and then she's gone again :(.  Living far away from family is rough.  You'd think after being away from them for more than 8 years, I'd be used to it, but I'm not.  Someone who's lived away from family for longer than that, please tell me it gets easier.  
When I finally decided that I'd better do some laundry, because it didn't seem to be doing itself, once it was all sorted, I saw this:
and let me just say, laundry it much more fun when it is that color!
Of course, Everly practiced being adorable,
and I repeatedly enjoyed one of the yummiest things in this world: snuggly snoozes with a newborn!

Watching these boys dote on their baby sister melts my heart, over and over again.

And what could possibly be better than (orange!) newborn girls with ruffles, and skirts, and headbands, and pacifiers as big as their head?  Probably nothing.

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