Thursday, February 12, 2015

derby, derby, pinewood derby!

Ky and Kade participated in their second pinewood derby a few weeks ago.  I'm not sure which part is more fun, the time spent making the cars, or the actual race night.  There is usually excitement and tears for both parts.  
 While we waited for all the official weighing-in, and who knows what else, the rest of the family stayed entertained with the camera phone.

 As a mom, I don't necessarily care if my son wins, I just don't want either of them to come in last place, or cry when they lose.  I can say that because I was the child who cried when they lost games, you know at birthday parties.  So, I understand wanting to cry if you don't win at something, but I also understand how embarrassing it is.  So, during the actual derby, I'm more worried about tears than about winning.

 Kade eliminated Ky in the third round, by a hair.  And Ky handled it remarkably well.  We never got to see how well Kade handled the disappointment of losing...
 because he won!  He won every single heat in every single race and won first place!  I'm still not sure how his half skateboard, half car was the fastest, but it was.  Way to go Kade! (And Bart for doing all the hard stuff to make it go faster!)
Ky came in fourth place, and although he didn't get a ribbon, he handled it like a champ.  He did however, win the award for Best Paint Job for his "serpent of speed."  It just looks sort of blotchy in this picture, but we worked together to make it look like scales.  It turned out awesome, and he definitely deserved that award.  (I may be saying that because the paint technique was my idea...)
Overall, it was a great night.  The boys had fun and they were proud of their cars, so I guess we can call that a success!

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