Thursday, February 12, 2015

the other things we did in january

Having a "nice" camera on my phone, means that I always have a camera handy to capture moments with my kids, even if the event isn't particularly camera-worthy.  I love these "real" pictures of our "real" life.  Here are some from January:
 I "made" the boys paint this picture for me.  It's now on display above the cabinets in my kitchen and I love it.  And apparently Krew has learned to make weird faces when he should be smiling for the camera too.  Again, that's real life for ya!
 One day, we took the whole family out for a walk in the snow.  It was quite, and peaceful.
 Everly got a turn being pulled in the sled by Krew.  I think she liked it!

 This picture includes (besides my baby girl) a dress, puppies, dimples, a cardigan, an oversize hairbow, hot pink, and polka-dot tights.  All in one picture.  Yeah, I like having a baby girl!
 Somebody does NOT like the bumbo seat.  At. All.
 She does, however, like to eat her fingers.
 Bart made his TV debut talking about men's health on the local morning show. He was articulate, witty, informative, handsome, and a natural. He's already been asked to make a second appearance.
 Darth Vader and I like to take selfies with babies.
 My baby has the most stunning eyes, I promise.
 These two love each other.  I promise.
 While Everly and I were in Utah, the guys played hard.  Even a trip to the grocery store is fun with daddy.  I mean, look how much fun Krew seems to be having!  That kid cracks me up.
For their birthday present, Grandma and Grandpa gave the twins (and Bart and I) tickets to a hockey game, along with free babysitting for the younger two kids.  It was a fun night, and it was nice to be able to do something fun with the big kids without worrying about the little ones.  It would have been better if we could have seen either team score a goal.

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