Thursday, February 19, 2015

five months!

My little girl is 5 months old!  How is that even possible?
She is still the happiest baby, and she continues to charm everyone she meets with her bright eyes and her incredible dimples.  And that hair.  Everyone loves that hair!
At 5 months old, she is right about 14 pounds.  She's just a tiny little thing.

She has become so mobile!  If I set her down on the floor, within minutes, she'll be somewhere completely different.  She rolls everywhere, and she can also pivot around on her cute little belly to face the direction she wants to be.  This is great because she can get to toys around the room and play.  It's bad because she keeps getting stuck under the ottoman and under the chairs.  She hasn't started pulling herself forward, so I consider this the perfect amount of mobility for us to all be happy.
She's finally started to laugh occasionally without getting the hiccups or spitting up.  Those two things still happen the majority of the time, but perhaps she's starting to outgrow it!
Is it just me, or does she look like a toddler here, not a 5 month old?  Crazy!

She has become a little mama's girl!  She's fine if other people walk past her without picking her up, but if mama walks by without picking her up, it hurts her feelings, and she starts to cry.  She's happy to interact with strangers, and let other people hold her, as long as she can see me.  She always looks at me as if to say, "is this okay, mama?"  If I'm smiling about it, she's happy to play with others,  I'm not gonna lie, I sorta love this.

She's getting a little bit big for Krew to hold her now.

I am so loving having a little girl.  I knew I would, but there's just something so special about her, and the connection we have.  Of course I love all the pink and the ruffles, and the cute clothes, but it's deeper than that.  I know she needs me, but I hope that someday she understands how much I need her.

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