Thursday, March 12, 2015

happy {heart} day!

 I got to spend Valentine's day this year with this real-life conversation heart.  Get it, "Hug Me"?  As if she needs her shirt to say that, because how can you look at that sweet face and not hug her?  Or smother those cute cheeks in kisses?  I don't try to resist those impulses, but I do have to daily try not to actually eat her!

 And in case you were wondering, yes, she is actually this happy most of the time.  I love it!
 Valentine's Day was also a big day for her and I because I was able to get her hair in these three cute pigtails for the first time.  I had done one tiny piggie up to that point, but the three piggies in a row were completely adorable,  Plus, with that natural curl they were just too much.  I have a lot to learn about doing a little girl's hair, but this was a definite success!

 (And those eyes!!)

Bart and I had discussed not doing much for each other for Valentine's Day this year, since the week after we would be leaving for a family vacation, and with our history of horrible Valentine's Days anyway, we would be happy if nothing terrible happened.  So, I bought him some candy and gave him a homemade card and called it good.  He, however, went out of his way to make it one of the best days ever.  He arranged to have a private concert (in my living room, no less), by the very talented, and incredibly cute, rock band, "Exploding Love."  They came, all dressed very fashionably, and performed a couple of songs for me while a slideshow of my life played on the screen behind them.

Bet you didn't know that The Incredible Hulk was in a rock band, did you?

 They were such amazing performers.  They each got completely into their songs, and were very entertaining.
 After a quick costume change, they were back for another song.
 I was also quite impressed that they each knew how to play multiple instruments.  The lead singer became the keyboardist, and the keyboardist played the guitar, etc.  Although the little guy (aka Hulk) played the ukulele the entire time.  He must be the best in the biz.
 I laughed, I cried, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

 I am so lucky to have these fun, handsome, thoughtful, loving, crazy guys in my life!  Thanks for the best Valentine's gift ever!
Check out the video below to see just a small clip of the concert.  I promise it's worth the 50 seconds.

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