Saturday, March 7, 2015

playin' in february

February can be long and cold, and even though there is plenty of housework, and taking care of a baby to keep me busy, I have to make sure we get out and do some fun things to keep us from all going stir-crazy.  Krew and I found this fun toddlers' play group activity at a local indoor sports facility, and he had a blast playing around.  

 He went on this "roller coaster" over and over.  How fun it must be to be a three year-old!
 One of the gifts we gave Ky and Kade for their birthday was a trip to this store where you paint your own pottery.  They have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate this winter, so naturally they wanted to paint their own mugs.  Look how excited Kade is!

 Ky is such an artist.  Activities like this speak to his soul, and it was such a treat to watch him at work.  He took it so seriously, yet at the same time, I could see how much fun he was having and how happy he was to be creating something.  I hope he never loses that fire for being creative and artistic.
 The way Kade painted his mug was fitting of his personality too.  He picked a mug, picked three colors, and within minutes of getting there was already hard at work painting those stripes.  He didn't mull over his decision, he just knew what he wanted to do and got right to work.  One of my favorite things about Kade is he knows what he wants.  (I need to remember that this is a good quality during those times when it drives me crazy, which sometimes it does.)
Ky looking pretty pleased with how his Darth Vader mug was starting to look.  It was so fun to spend the morning with these awesome boys, and watch them try something new, and create something they would want to keep for a long time.  

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