Thursday, February 11, 2016

2015 christmas card

 In case we missed sending you a Christmas card this year, here is a digital copy:

2015 Highlights

 2015 has been a wonderful, busy, exciting year!  Here are some of the highlights:
~This summer, we sold our house and built a new, beautiful, roomier one.
~In February, we took a trip to California with Bart's brother's family and spent the week playing at the beach, hanging out with Mickey Mouse and enjoying the warm weather.
~In October, Bart was named the 2015 Wisconsin Physician Assistant of the Year!  He also appeared on a local television show on two occasions to promote men's health. Besides being an awesome PA, he spent the year getting our house ready to sell, not playing nearly enough golf, and constantly playing football with his three boys.
~Ashli spent much of the year picking out paint colors, flooring, countertops and lighting for our new house.  She also spent time this year learning how to do pigtails, french braids and more on Everly's ever-growing hair.    Last month she attended a fun conference in Utah with her mom, and now wants to start her own business, get back into photography, make gourmet cupcakes and throw an awesome party.  All in her spare time.
~Kade and Ky (10) spent much of the spring playing baseball.  They have spent the last several months folding paper, watching origami tutorials, and filming their own origami tutorials.  Although our house is completely full of folded pieces of paper, it's fun to see them so excited about a new hobby.
~They have also handled the transition to a new school very well.  They have already made lots of friends, and have started playing the cello and the violin in the school orchestra.
~Kade's favorite part of the year was attending his first Green Bay Packer's game.
~Ky's favorite was riding Star Tours over and over and over at Disneyland.
~Krew (4) took a soccer class this year, likes to create origami tutorials like his big brothers, has become obsessed with watching football,  and is the most amazing big brother to his sister. 
~Everly (15 months) loves smiling (smiling's her favorite),  playing with Krew, and shoes.  We loved celebrating her 1st birthday in September, all while trying to figure out how she could possibly be one already.  She has certainly grown into her nickname, "Boots" as her very favorite thing to play with are her black boots!

Merry Christmas!

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