Wednesday, February 24, 2016

adventures in ice skating

A few weeks ago, we decided to take all the boys ice skating.  We knew it was the very first time either of the twins (or Krew for that matter) had been on ice skates, and we quickly realized that it was also the first time they have ever been on any kind of skates. By the time I was their age, I had been to multiple roller skating rink birthday parties, field trips to the roller skating rink, and everyone my age wanted new rollerblades for Christmas.  Now, I don't even now if there is a roller skating rink in the area, I just don't ever see kids outside rollerblading.  I guess none of that is cool anymore.

Anyway, we were all quite wobbly on our skates, but that didn't stop us from having a good time!
I'm surprised that Bart could stand up straight after helping Krew go round and round the rink. Krew loved every second of it, and was the most disappointed when it was time to go.

Hopefully we can find a time to go again soon, because we all had fun, and we can only get better with practice, right?

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