Wednesday, January 25, 2017

mommy daughter trip to utah, part 2

Here are a few more things that Everly and I filled our time with while we were in Utah:
 I spent a lot of time looking at the mountains; I miss them every day!
 Everly got to play with her uncles, and her cousin Jack.  Well, she tried to play with Jack.  Most of the time, Jack was terrified of her, and wanted nothing to do with her.  I told her it was okay to keep intimidating the boys!

 Grandpa liked to take the two little ones on walks down the street to check out the Christmas lights.  They both liked to touch all the lights they could.

 Everly had to show grandpa her little babies.  When grandpa is in the room, he is the most important one there, at least to Everly.  She adores him!

 Jack didn't want to be close to Everly, but he let me hold him long enough for a few pictures.  I'm sad we live so far away; I hardly ever get to show any of my nephews or my niece what an awesome aunt I am!
 We had to get in a few pictures from our visit wth my grandma!

 I was lucky enough to be in Utah on my birthday.  I don't remember the last time I got to celebrate my birthday with my parents or my brothers.  It was a great, special day.  My mom, Everly and I started the day by checking out the aquarium.  It was awesome!

 Don't worry, I found Dory!

 My mom made me this beautiful cake.

 We went out to dinner at Tucanos and ate our weight in delicious meat!  Yum!!

This sunset looked like the sky was on fire!  
A few of us went to see the light display at Thanksgiving point one evening.  It ended up being quite chilly out, but it was so beautiful, we almost didn't notice.  

Each area of the gardens were lit with a different theme.  There was music playing to match the light show.  Some of the lights "danced," there were areas with laser lights, and this flower garden actually smelled like real flowers!
Once Everly got over being frozen, she lit up and loved to watch all the lights.  She even got out of the stroller and danced along the path to the music several times.  It was so magical!

Everly and her uncle Andrew.  I have a picture of Andrew and either Everly or Krew in this exact same position from every time we've visited Utah in the last 5 years.  Had to keep the tradition alive. 
On our way to the airport on our last day, my mom, Everly and I stopped at the children's museum for one last bit of fun together.  I so wished that I lived closer to my mom so that outings like this could be regular thing!

We were sad to say goodbye to Utah and my family, but we were excited to get back home to our fellas!

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