Wednesday, January 25, 2017

family pictures 2016

In October, we got all dressed up in our coordinating clothing, grabbed the camera and tripod, and took family photos.  About every other year or so, I get brave and attempt to take our family photos by myself, with the timer on my camera.  Sometimes it works out fine, sometimes not.  This year was a little easier because I can now sync my camera and my phone so I can set up the photo better, and use the phone as a remote, and not have to run from the camera each shot. I still haven't discovered a good way to make little kids look at a camera on a tripod with no one behind it yet.  Someday.
 These two are best friends and like to get on each others nerves, all at the same time!

 I could just eat them all with a spoon!

 "Now watch me whip"

 Sometimes the silliness just breaks through--we can't even help it!
 Mama and mini

 Sometimes I think the silly photos are the best!

 What a cute couple, right?!

 And here are a few that might never get printed and framed, but had to be added to illustrate what a typical family photo session is like:

 Every good photo session needs a flying break, 

 a tumbling break,

a dance break,

 some magic,

 a gun show, 

 and whatever this is.

 You'll know it's time to call it a day when:
 there are dirty fingers,
 grumpy faces,
 and this much climbing!

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