Sunday, January 25, 2009

budding photogs

We got Kade and Ky cameras for Christmas, and they love them! I spotted them in a Black Friday ad and knew that was going to be the gift. In fact, as I was running through Target at four minutes after six that morning, I was worried that I wouldn't get them. When I got the last two, I nearly cried. Hurray for great Black Friday shopping finds! Unfortunately, there is quite a delay on the camera from the time they push the button and the image on the screen freezes, and the time when the camera actually takes the picture. So, there are a lot of very blurry pictures. But they are learning, and it is so much fun to see what they take pictures of.

Taking a picture of grandpa taking a picture
I have no idea what this was, but the effect is awesome, don't you think?

Daddy at work

Kade in bed

Uncle Jonathan
Grandpa and Buzz

Mommy and his brother (no, I can't tell from this part of his head who is in the picture and who is taking the picture)

Grandma checking out the other camera


Ashley Katherine Lloyd said...

That is so cute! Oh, I know the joy of finding the last TWO of something. It's always hard to find things in pairs. I would say they might have a future in photography. :)

Whitney said...

Those pics are so fun. I need to get some for my boys so I can stop finding random pictures on our camera phones. Seriously.

Jessica said...

Those are great! I thought about getting something like that for BG but didn't. Maybe for her birthday or Christmas next year. What a fun gift!

Emily said...

Their pics are better than some of mine. Lol.......
Um, we need to meet up in Chicago when it gets warm again.

Sarah H said...

Oh how fun. I love seeing what my kids take pictures of. I need to get them little cameras instead of letting them use mine!

Meg said...

For fun! I need to get my kids one of those!