Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas eve 2008

During the day on Christmas eve, we (Bart, me, Ky, Kade and my mom) decided to go bowling. The boys had never been bowling (unless you count going to a friends' house to bowl on their wii), so we weren't sure what to expect. The boys were so excited and loved everything from the cool lights, to the neat TV screens that showed whose turn it was and how many pins they knocked down.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of their bowling shoes, how cute are those?Ky looking all grown up waiting for his turn
They were a little upset when we told them they needed to use this ramp to bowl, but they got over it quickly when they tried to hold their ball and realized how heavy it was.

Kade lining up his shot

Okay, I know this is hard to see, and my mom's score is blocked out (she beat us all), but I had to show that Kade broke 100 on his first time bowling--he scored 103--and even beat me. Is there any sport this kid isn't naturally gifted at?
Bart is the only one who looks good in this picture (admit it, you all think he looks good), but I wanted a family picture of our first bowling outing

That evening we dressed up to act out the nativity. It's so fun to have little kids at Christmas! And yes that is Mary shushing the shepherd.

The classic Christmas Eve gift--jammies. I think the Superman jammies are a hit--just look at those faces!

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