Wednesday, September 1, 2010

first day of school!

Kade and Ky started school this morning. They are in 4 year-old kindergarten, or 4K. They will be going 4 days a week for three hours in the mornings. They have been so excited! I wanted to take the required first day of school photo, but I can't seem to take a picture without them making a goofy face.

Plus, in this one they got distracted by the bus that came to pick them up, even though we had been told they wouldn't bus them. They were disappointed when the bus drove away without them. When did they get so grown up?

At school they each have their own locker. I didn't get a locker until I was in 7th grade. Also, it's going to be a long time until they can open their locker by themselves.
Bart took the morning off so that we could take them to school together, so while they were at school we went out for breakfast, did a little shopping and tried hard to kill the three hours. It did not go by very quickly. When we finally went to pick them up, Ky said he had a great time at school, but Kade was sad. When I finally got him to tell me what the problem was, he said he was just sad because he didn't get to ride the bus. They are too funny!
Now I just have to figure out what I am going to do with all my new free time...


Jessica said...

They look so grown up!

Alicia said...

Wow.. I can't believe they are in school. So dang handsome! I know you are a proud momma and daddy! Enjoy your free time!!!!!