Sunday, September 26, 2010

chicago trip: part 3

On our way home from Chicago, we stopped at the Jelly Belly warehouse for a tour. We got to ride on a train, and they took us around the warehouse and we watched video clips of how they make Jelly Bellys. They gave us free samples, and we still spent $20 on jelly beans! Yum!

One of the cool pictures made of Jelly Bellys. They are so detailed, and awesome!

Our family by the Jelly Belly car. Not a very good picture, but that's what happens when I have a stranger use my camera. Oh well.
Another thing about our trip I wanted to mention is Garrett's Popcorn. We kept walking by these stores while we were downtown. We could smell them a block away, and then when we got there we saw people standing in line out the door, even in the rain. Well, we finally found one that wasn't crowded, and I knew I had to try some. They had cheese popcorn, caramel corn, caramel corn with nuts and something called the Chicago Mix. When I ordered my popcorn, the conversation went something like this:
Me: What's the Chicago Mix?
Garrett's Popcorn lady: It's cheese popcorn and caramel corn together.
Me: Really?
Lady behind me in line: Oh, that is the one you want. Trust me.
Me: Really?
Everyone else in line: Yes, get the Chicago Mix.
Me: Okay, I'd like a medium Chicago Mix. (In my head I'm thinking, yuck! But if nothing else I can pick out the caramel ones and eat just those)
Oh. My. Goodness. It was so good! It sounded so strange, but it was amazing. Totally worth the $7 for popcorn. I'm definitely getting more Chicago Mix next time I'm in Chicago.

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Sadie Miller said...

Love it I the popcorn does sound gross but I now want to try it Sounds like you had fun!