Wednesday, September 8, 2010

time out party

This happened nearly a month ago, but I thought it was so funny that I wanted to make sure I posted it. One day, Kade either hit or bit Ky (I can't remember which), so he got sent to the naughty spot for a time out. Pretty soon I see Ky carrying a pillow and a blanket toward the naughty spot, and give them to Kade. Then I watched as he got Kade a few toys, and then got a pillow and blanket for himself. Then he proudly announced that they were having a "time-out party!" Now, obviously I don't think this helped Kade learn his lesson, but what I really loved was that Ky, even though he was the victim of Kade's abuse, wanted to take care of Kade and make sure that he wasn't sad.
This isn't the first time that Ky has helped Kade avoid a punishment for something Kade did to hurt him. One time when we were at the store, Kade bit Ky, so Ky got a treat and Kade didn't. I thought that might help Kade realize that he shouldn't hurt his brother. Only Ky shared his treat with Kade. It just amazes me every day how much Ky loves to take care of his brother. He is very good about sharing and sometimes he just gives Kade what he wants, even though he really wants it himself. I know that Ky loves his brother so much!


Jodee Luke said...

aw that is too cute! it will be so fun for them to have each other growing up!

Sarah H said...

That's so cute!!