Sunday, January 30, 2011

brave boys

Last weekend we went to a kid's science expo here in town. They had lots of fun hands-on science exhibits, and overall we had a good time. ( We did not like waiting in long lines only to be disappointed by an exhibit.) My favorite part was the dragon's breath. They had taken little pieces of graham cracker and froze them with liquid nitrogen. So, when you put them in your mouth and chewed them up, it looked like you had smoke coming out of your mouth and nostrils. Super cool! We did it over and over.
Then we saw this booth where they had lots of people holding/wearing snakes. I thought the boys were brave for getting this close to this huge snake, plus you can see that one of them is touching it. Yuck!
Then they both decided they wanted to hold a snake. What?!! Are you kidding?! Nope. They weren't. See:
Check out the clear box behind Ky's head--full of snakes. I seriously have nightmares about snakes crawling all over each other like that.
The mama bear in me wanted to protect my children from these horrible monsters, but I tried to be brave for them.
Yuck! Is it on me? I feel like it's on me!

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