Sunday, January 16, 2011

good riddance (or good-bye) 2010, bring on 2011

Good riddance good-bye 2010, bring on 2011! Okay, so to put it mildly, 2010 was not my favorite year ever. In fact, it just may have been my least favorite year. But it's over now and I am determined to make 2011 better than 2010 (shouldn't be too hard).
That's not to say that 2010 was all bad. I am very aware of the many blessing I have, most importantly my husband and the two most amazing children a mother could ask for. We have a nice house, Bart has a good job, we have families that love us, we have great friends all over the country, (somehow) our cars keep running, we got to go on several little vacations this year, including two to Utah to visit my family. I gained a new sister-in-law and a new niece in 2010. I was able to watch my kids learn and grow, to start school and make lots of good memories together as a family. I could go on, because I truly do have a lot to be grateful for.

So, how to make 2011 better?

First, my attitude. I need to focus more on the things in my life that are going right, and less on the things that are going wrong not so right.

Second, make smaller monthly resolutions instead of huge yearly ones that I know I won't think about after mid-February. My goal for January has been to get caught up on some of the projects I have been putting off, and getting my house more organized. In February, I'm going to work on 72 hour kits and food storage. March will probably be painting more of the house, but we'll see.

Two other things that will surely help this change are:

1- Our zodiac signs changed. (Did you hear about that?) Not sure what that means for how 2011 plays out, but it must be a good thing right?

2- Bart is starting a new job today. (Not that his old job was any of the problem with last year. In fact he has loved his previous job, he just couldn't pass up this new opportunity. But change is change right? And that is what we are looking for here.) He is now going to be working in a family practice clinic where 85% of their patients are Spanish-speaking. He's excited to use his Spanish at work and to serve the Spanish-speaking community here in town. I'm excited for him, and I love hearing him speak Spanish, but since I know almost zero Spanish, sometimes I get nervous when he is speaking it to someone and I start thinking they are saying bad things about me. But I do know a few Spanish words and phrases, so if, while he's talking to someone and it feels like the conversation is headed that way, I can ask where the bus to Cancun is, or tell them to give me a kiss, or tell them that I can cook in a kitchen with a fork. I can also tell them pants, water, juice, and milk if necessary.

So, there are a couple of changes that have happened since the beginning of this year that will hopefully push 2011 in the right direction. And since I am determined to have a better year this year, it's bound to happen.

I'm going to leave you with some pictures from 2010 that make me smile--see there were a lot of things to love in 2010!

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Sarah H said...

I'm happy to say goodbye to 2010 too! HOpefully 2011 will be a great year (Esp. when Jan is over!)