Thursday, January 6, 2011

kade & ky's birthday

We celebrated the boys' 5th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. It's so fun to watch these boys bounce around that place playing games and things. It was just the four of us, and we didn't pay for any of the birthday stuff, and it was just perfect!

My favorite thing to watch the boys do was play on this smaller air hockey table. They were so cute and did really well.

Then we came home and grandma and grandpa come over for cake and ice cream. Actually, it wasn't cake since I'm making their birthday cake this weekend for their birthday party with their friends. Instead we had chocolate waffles with ice cream.

Then they opened their presents. We had talked before Christmas about acting excited about every present, even if you don't really like it, and so their reactions were so cute. They were so enthusiastic, even after opening these shirts, that I couldn't tell if they really liked them or if they were just acting like we had talked about.
(Please ignore the huge holes in the bottom of Kade's socks. I swear it's like they have disposable socks. I throw away 4-5 socks each week.)
It was such a fun day, and I loved celebrating my sweet boys' 5th birthday. Now they are "patiently" waiting until Saturday for their friend birthday party! I'll post pics from that later.

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