Tuesday, January 11, 2011

lego party!

On Saturday, Kade and Ky had a few friends over for a Lego birthday party. It turned out so cute and everyone had such a good time. I love planning parties, including birthday parties for my little ones, but I think I have already spoiled them. As soon as we cleaned up this party, they started making plans for their 6th birthday. I can't even think about them turning 6--they are growing up way too fast!
These are the party favors that all their friends got to take home
We decorated with paper Legos. They were so easy and so cute.

These marshmallow Lego heads were so fun. I got the idea from here. They were a big hit.

It's a good thing I was entertaining 5 year-olds because the cake turned out kinda wonky. Except for the Lego guys on it, of course.
Can you believe that these Lego guys are made out of white chocolate? My mom had made some and when we were in Utah, she gave one to each of the boys, then my new sister-in-law, Katherine took one and bit it in half. The boys were shocked--it was pretty cute. Anyway, I decided right there that I could plan a whole birthday party around these chocolate Lego guys, and my mom was nice enough to make a bunch and mail them to us. Thanks mom!

We played pin the bump on the Lego,
this hunt for the matching Lego piece game,
and this Lego toss game. We also played duck, duck, goose because it's easy and we had time to kill.
I love Kade's expression in this pic. Remember we practiced our present opening reactions before Christmas, and he really was excited about all the presents he got. So was Ky.

We used trick candles for the second year in a row because last year I felt like they didn't really get it. They reacted the same way this year. Just a lot of blowing, but no laughing or even acting like they were frustrated. Just blowing.
It was such a fun party, I had so much fun planning it, and I'm so happy it's over!
P.S. Lego is a proper noun. My spell check did not like how many times I wrote it with a lower-case l.


Alicia said...

What a fun party! I can't believe the boys are 5. I Remember visiting teaching you and they were so small. Way fun ideas.. and the cakes turned out super cute! Happy Birthday Ky and Kade.

Greta K. said...

I love how you made all the different lego things...the cake, the yellow marshmallow guy,the paper legos, everything!!! Such neat ideas!!!...some day I'm going to do a cool party too!!! ;) Great job!

The Lloyd Family said...

This is a really delayed response, but I just have to tell you how incredibly adorable I think your lego party turned out! So creative! My little twins are into legos too, though more of the girly variety. I can't believe your boys are five years old. Time flies! They are so adorable and seem like such sweet little boys. They must have a really great mom! :)