Thursday, January 6, 2011

christmas 2010!

Christmas of course started the evening before with new jammies, reading of Luke 2, watching Mr. Kruger's Christmas, reindeer food, and leaving cookies and milk for Santa.
Once again, I didn't take enough pictures on Christmas day, so I'll just have to write about what happened. Santa brought Kade and Ky the one thing they wanted most this year: Star Wars Legos! We didn't have time to put them together on Christmas, but within the next few days, and several hours of Lego constructing later, we had two awesome Star Wars Vehicles.
After we opened presents, we had yummy orange chocolate chip muffins, and played with our new toys a bit. After lunch we headed down to Bart's parents house, where we opened more presents, ate a delicious turkey dinner (and ended it with the most amazing chocolate chocolate chocolate cheesecake-yum!!), and played games. But the most exciting part was meeting my brand-new (10 day-old) niece, Lynndon. I've been busy editing photos from the newborn session we did the next day, and I can't wait to post some of them for you to see how yummy she is! We spent the night at Bart's parents house so we could spend the next day together too. It was such a great holiday!

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