Monday, August 1, 2011

300th post!

I love looking back at the list of 100 things about our family that I made for our 100th post. So, in honor of my 300th post, I thought I should attempt to do another 100 things about us, because 300 would be way too many!
1. We have lived in Wisconsin for 3 years now.
2. Sometimes we miss living in Florida and Utah, (me more than Bart) but right now, this is home.
3. Bart and I have been married for over 8 years.
4. We dated for 11 months before we got married.
5. We still have "Fun Family Friday" every week and we eat pizza and watch Man vs. Food or Mythbusters while we eat.
6. I have seriously perfected my homemade pizza after all these years of making pizza twice a month.
7. Bart and I love having a TV show that we watch together
8. We prefer to watch it on Netflix, because we are too impatient to wait a week between episodes and we don't like commercials.
9. We have watched The Office (first 2 seasons) this way, all of Lost (except the last season which we watched on TV), every season of 24, and now we are watching Parks and Recreation. We need a new one.
10. Last year, we went to Utah twice: once for our summer vacation, and the second time for my brother Jonathan's wedding to my new sister-in-law Katherine.

11. Whenever I go to Utah I make a list of things I want to do.

12. 75% of this list are places I want to eat. Top of this list is Cafe Rio.

13. This year we have been on "vacation" to Las Vegas, Minneapolis (twice for me), Madison, and Chicago 2-3 times.

14. Kade and Ky's ideal vacation is anywhere with a hotel and a pool. We can be doing something really fun on vacation and they will keep asking when we are going back to the hotel to swim.

15. I'm 27 weeks pregnant!

16. We think we have a first name picked out for this little guy, but are FAR from picking a middle name.

17. Bart called the Olive Garden last night where I was having dessert with my girlfriends, to have someone come find me and let me know my husband was trying to get a hold of me. When I called Bart, he said he just wanted to tell me he loved me.

18. It reminded me of when I told the announcer at the baseball game we were at to announce that it was Bart's 23rd birthday because he always thought 22 was a weird age.

19. Bart recently changed jobs to work in a (mostly) Spanish-speaking family practice clinic.

20. I always feel like a minority when I go visit him at work.

21. Bart always makes the boys say things in Spanish while we are there.

22. I have picked up some random Spanish phrases over the years.

23. I can now say, "Where is the bus to Cancun?" "I can cook in the kitchen with a fork," "I want Taco Bell," and "This is not my puppy" in Spanish. It never comes in handy.

24. Kade and Ky lost the same tooth (bottom, front-right) on the same day.
25. I have to eat cold cereal for breakfast. Even on days where I don't eat breakfast, I don't really feel like I can start my day until I eat a bowl of cold cereal.
26. The first trimester of this pregnancy, I practically lived off of cereal (often dry) and Gatorade.
27. I don't normally drink Gatorade, but when I'm pregnant, I drink more than any human should consume in a three month period.
28. Before we found out the gender of this baby, I had three dreams that it was a boy and two that it was a girl. I was right the first two dreams.
29. My favorite dessert at this point in my life is warm cookies or brownies and ice cream.
30. Kade and Ky would pick bubble gum over just about any other sweet most of the time.
31. Kade STILL will not eat noodles.
32. Both Kade and Ky ask for seconds on their vegetables often, and never ask for seconds of anything else.
33. Every time I eat crab or lobster I think it's the best thing I have ever eaten.
34. Bart and I like to talk to each other about our pet peeves.
35. I can't stand when people mispronounce "thank you." It should be the same th sound as "thistle," not the same th sound as "the."
36. It drives Bart crazy when people use the word "alls" because it's not a word at all.
37. He also can't stand when people say "plus it," "minus it," or "times it."
38. I was awarded the "Math Wizard" award in 3rd grade.
39. Kade and Ky start all-day kindergarten in four weeks (don't get me started on the all-day part).
40. They are both reading really well already.
41. Last spring when they were tested, Kade was reading at an end of 1st grade level, and Ky was reading at a beginning of 2nd grade level.
42. They both still weigh less than 35 pounds.
44. Bart can't sleep with the bed sheets tucked in at the bottom.
45. I have a life-long dream of somehow obtaining a shirt or hat made up for a championship, with the team that lost. You know they have to make some for both teams. I want one that is wrong.
46. Kade and Ky have recently become Justin Bieber fans.
47. They are also in a Pokemon phase right now.
48. Before Pokemon they were into Iron Man and War Machine, Transformers, Star Wars, Alvin and the Chipmunks one at a time this past year. Who knows what will be next.
49. My favorite color is pink. Whenever my boys ask me my favorite color and I tell them it's pink, they get frustrated that it hasn't changed yet.
50. Red Robin is our default restaurant when we can't think of anywhere else to go.
51. I always get the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich there. Yum!
52. My boys jump up and down while playing video games. The. Whole. Time.
53. They love to play the Lego video games.
54. They also love to play with Legos. They can keep themselves entertained for hours with their Legos.
55. I have a love/hate relationship with their Legos. I love that my boys play so well with them, that they use their imaginations, and learn small motor skills. I hate that I am always stepping on/cleaning up their Legos.
56. When I was young, I got to watch The Lion King before it came to theaters. It's one of my favorite Disney movies ever.
57. I love Disneyland and Disney World. I pretty much think that 90% of family vacations should be to one of these magical places.
58. We won the stay in Cinderella's Castle in 2006. It was amazing!
59. Walt Disney and I share our birthday. That should mean I should get free Disney stuff, right?
60. Kade was worried that this baby would be a girl and that he would then have to watch princess movies.
61. Kade loves to run. He likes the challenge of racing others.
62. He won a medal from beating all the other 5 year old boys in a kids' race this summer.
63. Running is my least favorite form of cardio. I've never liked to run.
64. Bart and I challenged each other to run in a 5k next summer. This will be a much easier goal for him than for me, but I told him he has to push the baby in a stroller while running it.
65. Kade and Ky know the following words in spanish: water, milk, juice, pants, hello, good-bye, throat,stop, let's go and probably a few others that I have forgotten.
66. Things I resisted liking as long as I could, and now enjoy: the Twilight Saga, and Facebook.
67. I've been eating blueberries like crazy during this pregnancy.
68. When I was pregnant with Kade and Ky, I craved and ate lemons. I ate them the way people eat oranges. And I couldn't get enough.
69. Bart and I have perfected homemade buttered, salted popcorn.
70. When we were first married and both in school, we would stop studying every night in time to watch Letterman and eat popcorn.
71. We rarely watch Letterman now, but we still like to eat popcorn.
72. We went to a taping of the Tonight Show with Conan during his small stint as host. It was such a fun experience.
73. Bart and I went rock-climbing for the first time last summer with my brother. I climbed up faster than Bart did, but to his credit, I had actual climbing shoes on and he had sneakers.
74. I love Swedish Fish.
75. I used to like Sour Patch Kids, but didn't really like the sour part. I was excited when I found out that Swedish Fish are just the same but without the sour coating.
76. Chocolate is by far my favorite sweet. I have to have some every day.
77. I love fireworks! The sight, the smell, and mostly the sound. I like the ones that are so loud you can feel them.
78. One of our first dates, Bart took me to a place where he knew we could watch some fireworks from a local baseball game, but didn't tell me that's why we were there. I think that's pretty much when I knew I wanted to marry him.
79. Kade and Ky love to swim. They like to jump in from the side over and over and over.
80. I have coloring-changing toenail polish on right now. It changes in the sun, and I'm pretty much fascinated by it every time I go outside. And I've had it for 4 years, and it never gets boring.
81. I like food situations where there are lots of choices of something, like various toppings for ice cream, a variety of sauces for hot wings, different flavors of marshmallows for s'mores, salad bars, etc.
82. I like most of my foods separate, Bart is a put-it-all-in-one-bowl-and-stir-it kind of guy.
83. Bart sleeps on the right, I sleep on the left.
84. I have a really hard time telling left from right. It helps if I think about a left-hand turn, because it's so much different than a right-hand one.
85. Someday I want to choreograph a dance routine to the song "Come Together" with clips from the Beatles version, the Michael Jackson version, and the Aerosmith version all put together.
86. Our song is "There's Only You" by Kevin Sharp.
87. The first time we danced was under the stars to that song.
88. Bart asked me to be his girlfriend after we had dated for four months by giving me a CD with the song "Girlfriend" by N'Sync and Nelly. The chorus starts, "Why don't you be my girlfriend?"
89. Ky wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.
90. Kade wants to be a hero when he grows up.
91. Ky's favorite movie is Star Wars.
92. Kade's favorite movie is Transformers.
93. Ky's favorite treat is popsicles.
94. Kade's favorite candy bar is Butterfinger.
95. Ky's favorite food is spaghetti.
96. Kade's favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches.
97. I love going to car races. Especially when they do figure-eight racing. It's the best!
98. Bart loves college football, and of course he cheers for the Gators!
99. We feel so lucky to have such awesome family and friends all over the country!
100. I'm glad that I made it to 100!!


Jessica said...

How fun. I learned a lot about you and your family in this post. Crazy how we grow up and move on with our lives. I used to be able to tell almost anything about you and I feel like I don't know you as well these days.

Alicia said...

Awwww we so miss you guys!!! Loved getting to know lots more about you guys!