Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iowa trip: part 1

A few weeks ago we went on a road trip to Iowa to visit Bart's extended family. The boys did amazing on the long car ride there, and the drive went fairly quick. Our first day there we went to Adventureland for a day of rides and playing at the water park. The boys have no fear when it comes to rides, and rode everything they were tall enough for. Even when I got worried that they wouldn't like the ride because they might be too scared, they laughed the entire ride and always said it was their favorite ride-every time!

Bart's cousin's daughter, Anna came with us for the day to show us around the park and help take the boys on the rides that I wasn't able to go on. It was fun to have her with us.

I think this may have been Bart's favorite ride. Doesn't he look thrilled to be on it?

This is the best picture of the day. This is one of the rides that I was worried would be a little too intense for Kade and Ky. But you can see by the expressions on their faces that they loved it! It was such a fun day and a great start to our little vacay!

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