Thursday, August 25, 2011

a yellow ribbon at the state fair!

While we were in Iowa, we knew we had to check out the Iowa State Fair, which is one of the country's biggest state fairs. Seriously, I could not believe how huge it was! The day we were planning on going happened to be the day they held the Twins, Triplets, and More contest. We entered the boys in the "Most Alike" category (the other category was Most Different). It was so fun to see so many multiples, of all ages in one place! There were several sets of triplets, a set of quadruplets, and one family that had two sets of identical twins, a couple of years apart.
Kade and Ky waited for their age group, which was the 5 & 6 year olds. They started with the babies, and worked their way up.

Most of the other groups were less than 10 sets, and when they got to Kade and Ky's age group and category, there were 19 sets of twins and triplets. Here we are all lining up on the stage. The woman running the event stopped and had each of the children tell their name and where they were from. Every once in a while she would ask an additional question. Well, when we had registered that morning, she said something about their missing teeth and I told her that the week before they had lost the same tooth on the same day. So, after she asked Kade and Ky their names on stage, she asked Kade if there was a funny story about losing their teeth. He proceeded to tell a very lengthy story about how his fell out, but it took some nudging from me before Ky told about losing them the same day. It was pretty cute!

They gave the top 5 entries ribbons, and Kade and Ky came in 5th place and each got a yellow ribbon. I was such a proud mama! 5th out of 19-not too bad!
Here they are with their ribbons. I laughed when I got home and saw this picture-the picture that I took with their ribbons they won for looking the most alike, and they look totally different from each other in this picture. So, lest you think that the judges were just plain wrong, I give you the following picture, taken the same day to show that they often do look very similar:

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