Monday, August 1, 2011


Bart grew up in Iowa until he was 14. Last weekend, his best friend from Iowa got married in Minneapolis, so we made a quick trip out there to be at the wedding. We had a packed, fun weekend that included a stop at a little zoo, a marathon shopping trip at IKEA, finally using a gift card that we got for Christmas to P.F. Chang's, the wedding, swimming in the hotel pool, and Ky getting sick.
Before we even made it to the hotel, we stopped at the Como Zoo to see some animals and the neat conservatory. My favorite were the poison dart frogs, and watching Kade and Ky.

Ky loved this map and looked at it every few minutes to let us know what was coming up next.

Saturday afternoon was the wedding. It was at the hotel we were staying at which made it so convenient with two five year-olds and a pregnant mama who needed a break, and to go back to the hotel room before Bart did. Here are some pictures to show the wedding from a five year-old's perspective:

The only part that was bad was my sweet Ky getting sick Sunday morning, and throwing up all the way from Minneapolis home. It made for a long car ride, and I felt so sad for him, but we all survived, and I'm glad we were able to go.

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