Tuesday, January 17, 2012

krew's baby blessing

 We started 2012 with a very special day. On New Year's Day, Bart gave Krew his baby blessing.  It was such a special day.  Bart gave such a beautiful blessing, and Krew was an angel. At one point during the meeting, I looked down at my adorable, sleeping son, all dressed in white, and wrapped in the baby blanket my mom crocheted when Kade and Ky were born.  I realized that I had dreamt of that moment for so long, and now that it was here, it was as special as I could have hoped for it to be.  I feel so lucky that my Heavenly Father would send such a sweet baby to our family, and that Bart is worthy to give him such a wonderful blessing.
 My three sons!  Aren't they handsome?

 While the guest of honor was sleeping, we got a picture with Bart's side of the family, who we were lucky enough to have at the blessing.  Maybe someday we'll get a picture of all of us, plus Krew!

 After the meeting, we came back to our house and had a nice, little luncheon.  Aren't all these neck-ties so cute?

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, Ashli, Krew is SO adorable! You have such a beautiful family!