Monday, January 30, 2012

a hockey game

For Christmas, Bart's parents bought us tickets to a hockey game!  They also gave Kade and Ky pucks and team shirts to wear to the game.  Last Saturday was the big game, and Bart's parents came to our house to watch Krew so that the rest of us could enjoy the game without worrying about the baby.  It was the first time I had left him with anyone else, so of course I cried all the way to the game.  But, once we were there I had a great time.  It was so nice to spend some time with Bart, Ky and Kade the way we used to.
 We sat right behind the opposing team's penalty box, and Bart and the boys had a great time harassing the players that got put in there.  Here you can see Kade's disapproval of this player.
 And at one point, the other team had 3 players in the penalty box at once!

 Apparently I disapprove of their silliness, or something like that.
Aunt Sadie was at the game with another group and she stopped by to say hi!  We had such a great time, and the boys cannot stop talking about it.
Thanks Zen and Denni for the tickets and for snuggling with Krew while we were gone!


Jessica said...

How fun! Was there any slurpee throwing or other high school flashbacks?

Ashli said...


There were definitely some high school flashbacks! I kept looking around for a sign to steal, and as soon as we sat down I felt bad that I hadn't brought any M&M's to eat!